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Upgrade and Redesign of The Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Careers of Substance

Redfin Solutions, LLC has been working with DMA Health Strategies and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Bureau of Substance Addiction Services on the Careers of Substance (CoS) website since 2020.

In Fall 2020, Redfin Solutions, LLC began working with DMA Health Strategies and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Bureau of Substance Addiction Services on the Careers of Substance (CoS) website. We inherited support and feature development for the website after the original developer had moved to other projects. We then moved the site onto Pantheon, where we continued to make updates.

Why Drupal was chosen

Drupal wasn’t chosen for the site by Redfin Solutions, LLC, as we inherited the site from another developer. However, Drupal is a good fit for CoS due to Drupal’s multiple forms of content publishing workflows available for different user-generated content.

Describe the project (goals, requirements and outcome)

CoS provides resources and support for individuals seeking to begin or advance a career in substance addiction prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery. It was imperative for our team to structure the site carefully to provide the best user experience for individuals researching a broad array of career paths.
The primary goals that Redfin Solutions agreed on with the clients included:

  • Support career satisfaction, competence/expertise, and advancement of Massachusetts Substance Use and Addictions workforce
  • Attract a diverse group of people to use the website, and help users to enter the field
  • Help organizations find workers to hire
  • Have the website be a trusted/relevant place for important information about and for the workforce
  • Audience development

Redfin Solutions focused on creating a user-friendly and streamlined approach to help an individual find resources of interest with ease. Employees and employers of varying professions, backgrounds, and level of engagement with the field were taken into consideration.

Redfin Solutions’ designer, ruthleopold, in close collaboration with DMA and DPH, redesigned the CoS logo seen on the header of the website. During the redesign process, Ruth states “We wanted to convey the variety and diversity in the field of different kinds of growth that people can have… [I hoped to] create a logo that was hopeful and positive for people working in this field to support and encourage them.”

    The CoS logo
    The Careers of Substance logo

    Our designer aimed to generally improve UI design to express a more modern appearance, as well as to convey a tone which was approachable, reliable and professional. Ruth sought to improve the information architecture of the site as well.

    Other significant design aspects that Ruth contributed to included:

    • Enhancing of the career pages: allowing users to find careers and employees more easily
    • Creating a “Funding Opportunities” section: this new site feature allow users to find funding for their projects
    • Reinventing the brand personality of the site
    • Implementing a health and wellness practices section

    Tech specs

    Drupal version: Drupal 10.x

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