The Child Nutrition Outreach Program

The CNOP site is designed to fit the site or the SummerEats app.

The Child Nutrition Outreach Program (CNOP) works to increase participation in two underutilized federal child nutrition programs, the National School Breakfast Program and the Summer Food Service Program. Funded by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) and administered by Project Bread, CNOP has been supporting school nutrition directors, superintendents, principals, and other school personnel since 1994.

CNOP has been a Redfin Client since 2011 when they started with a Drupal 6 website. The site has gone through several iterations since then, including a mobile friendly update and adding some more advanced features. In 2016, Redfin designed and developed SummerEats, an app, for CNOP.

In, 2017, Redfin started a project with CNOP to upgrade their Drupal 6 site to Drupal 8 and to redesign the look of their website.


Redfin began the discovery phase by creating site and design objectives based off a questionnaire filled out by CNOP. Most notable were specific audience goals, and a reevaluation of the information architecture.

Design Direction: CNOP is a child of Project Bread and Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Styles, such as color and font, needed to match the brand elements of the Project Bread site.

Constraints: CNOP had a limited project budget.


Starting with information architecture, Redfin began the design phase by cleaning up the existing site content types. With Drupal blocks and paragraphs in mind, Redfin began to design a basic pattern library for the pieces which would later be developed. An overly complex and confusing menu was restructured into a clean main navigation and a system of contextual links. All redesign was done with a focus on user experiences, accessibility, and responsiveness.


In the process of upgrading CNOP's site to Drupal 8, Redfin worked to make this new site fully responsive and to improve the content editor experience. To help CNOP keep their content fresh, they integrated CNOP's social media feeds. To ensure consistency in their other content, Redfin made use of Drupal's paragraphs module, which replaces the free-for-all WYSIWYG editor with reusable blocks, placeable on any page, that supply the content editor with specific fields to fill out.

To style this site, Redfin made use of SASS and CSS grid, while always checking the browsers to ensure the site would be accessible for all users.


Since Redfin continues to work with clients after new projects are launched, once the development phase was finished, we helped CNOP content editors start using the new paragraphs system. Redfin hosts the side, and continues to provide ongoing support, training, and strategy. We also provide analytics to test the success of the upgrade.

Redfin continues to support CNOP's SummerEats app, available in iOS and Android.