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Update Subversion on Mac OS X

If you get the following error

svn: This client is too old to work with working copy '.';
please get a newer Subversion client

... or you just want to update your subversion client (command line), try the following:

  1. In Terminal, type "svn --version" to find out what version you currently have
  2. Go to and download the latest client for OS X and install it. This will install the new svn into /opt/subversion/bin
  3. Got to your terminal and check your $PATH by typing "echo $PATH". If you don't see /opt/subversion/bin in there, make sure you add it by typing export PATH=/opt/subversion/bin:$PATH. If it DOES exist and appears AFTER /usr/bin, then you may need to remove an older copy of svn that came installed on OS X. To do so, go to /usr/bin and remove all files starting with svn. This isn't an exact science but it should do the trick.
  4. Make sure you reload your .profile first by typing
    . ./.profile*
  5. Type "svn --version". You should see that you have the newest version installed!

NOTE: If /opt/subversion/bin already exists, it will be backed up to /opt/subversion_backup.MMDDYYHHMMSSS. See the readme for more information.

*See for a great explanation of this.


UPDATE: 7/28/2013
The url do not contain installer for osx. anybody know where to download it?

That link is still correct, however, you now need to register in order to download the installer AFAIK. Another option is to go here:, which does NOT require registration.

SVN also, apparently, comes with OS X now: