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Lightspeed Interview with Ruth

This week marks the third year that Ruth Leopold, our unicorn Designer and Front-end Developer has been with Redfin. Technically, it’s her second year as a full-time employee, but since she started here as an intern three years ago, it counts in our book. She's a unicorn because she bridges the rare spaces between UX design and front-end development. In celebration of this workiversary, she answered some questions in a Lightspeed Interview.


In one sentence, what do you do at Redfin?

I take care of Redfin’s design process from strategizing about client and user needs, to working with other developers to build what I’ve designed in the best way possible.


What’s your favorite color?



What are some of your favorite parts of the Redfin culture?

Definitely free lunch on Wednesday, the ability to wear so many different hats in the work I do, and the people, of course!


How would you say you’ve grown in your time here?

I’ve gained the confidence and skillset to create, lead, and refine our design processes.


Are you involved with any design community groups?

I went to the first UX Portland meetup with Christina and I’m excited to go to the next one!


What’s your favorite item on your desk?

I have a trail of sticky notes that show a design process I’m working on. I’m sort of nerdy about data visualization and I like to think through ideas I have in a more illustrative, visual way.


What’s your favorite kind of food?



What’s your favorite kind of dessert?

Ice cream