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Lightspeed Interview with Jacob

After another summer working as the Intern Developer at Redfin Solutions, Jacob Morin leaves us to go back to the University of Maine for the fall semester. He is working towards a degree in computer science, and he plans on becoming a full-time developer once he graduates. Before Jacob left, he answered some questions about his internship in a lightspeed interview.


What was your favorite part about this summer?

I like having work here to do because it’s getting something to do and it’s a cool place to hang out. I get to hang out here and work, and coincidentally get paid.


What was your favorite learning experience?

I thought the SummerEats app and website upgrade were one of the most important ones for me this summer because it let me experience working with a real client, working with real money, managing time and hours, project needs, going back and forth about what the project actually had to be with the scope of work. I just thought it was a really great experience overall for project management, leadership, interpersonal skills, and of course technical skills because I’d never done something like that.


What will you do now?

I’m going to go to school in a few days, so I’m going to go back and the usual, attend classes and stuff. I’ve got enough classes to keep me busy, but I don’t think the workload is going to be too insane. So it’s going to be good to go back to Orono and see all the people I don’t see in the summer a lot because we all live in different places.


Will you have the chance to use what you learned here up at school?

Yeah, I think so, for the most part. Especially technical skills because you learn a lot of things through experience that help you out with programming and technical things a lot that you don’t necessarily learn during at school in class. I’ve never had a class teaching me how to use UNIX systems or bash or all these things that I use all the time. Every day I’m writing throughout the terminal, SSHing onto servers and stuff. I had never learned that in a class at school, so I can use those skills to make my school work a little easier.


What will you miss most about not being at Redfin?

I very much like the team aspect. At school there’s no team. At school there’s just me on my own, and I get homework from teachers. And sometimes I have to do group projects, but that sucks, unlike being on this team. So, I guess the thing I’ll miss the most is working with people and having a team or mentors. If I don’t know how to do something here I can just be like, “Hey, Christina, how do I do this?” At school I can go to a teacher, the professor, or a T.A. but it’s not the same. They’re not really a mentor. You ask them questions and they kind of just give you the answer.

Throughout the summer, Jacob built an app with React Native, and presented on it at Design 4 Drupal, Boston 2019. Check out the video Designing an App with Drupal and React Native.