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Hide “Page Title” quickly using Display Suite in Drupal 7

This is something that is so simple to do, once you have figured out the steps to get to the right little click boxes to appear. I wish that it were more intuitive to find, but for all those who struggle with “hiding” the page titles, Display Suite makes it really easy to choose to hide the page title for a specific Content Type or for a particular Node.

Follow these steps:

(I’m starting at the beginning for Newbies)

1. Download and install the Display Suite Module. (If you are using Drush the (current) module-name is “ds”).

2. Enable at least the following in Administration Menu>Modules:
            a. Display Suite
            b. Display Suite Extras (This is the key!!)
            c. Display Suite UI
    You can enable more of the Display Suite pieces if you need them.

3. At this point you’ll need to go to whatever content type or particular content (i.e. a particular page like “My page about my dog”) you want to have title control over and create a “Custom Display” for that content.

Here’s how:

4. For “Content Types," go Structure>Content Type>Manage Display. There’s a list at the bottom of the page on the left. Look for “Custom Display Settings”. Enable at least one new display. (I recommend “Full content”) and you MUST choose a layout for the display. Use “One Column” if you really don’t want to change your current layout at all. Save your configuration.

5. You can do the same thing for a particular node/page, go to the Content list and select the particular node you want to work your magic on. Then follow step #5.

Once that is done………

6. Go to Structure > Display Suite

7. In the upper right corner look for the “Extras” button. Click the “Extras” button.

8. Look at the list on the left side. You want that 3rd option, “Other." Enable the checkbox for “Page Title Options”. Save the configuration.

9. Now go to Structure > Content Type (Choose your content type) > Manage Display OR Content>(pick your node/Page) > Manage Display. Make certain that in the upper right “Default” is NOT selected. When default is selected you do not get the same option set to put into use.

10. At the bottom of the Display page you’ll see another list. You want to click on the “Custom Page Title”, and then select either “Hide” or “Show”. Save your configuration.

Sit back and enjoy your new control over page titles.