Redfin Solutions in IT World Magazine: The CMS Shootout

Redfin Solutions was recently quoted in an IT World article: "Joomla vs. Drupal: An open source CMS shootout," by Daniel P. Dern of Newton Center, MA.

The article is a shootout primarily between Joomla and Drupal. In sum, the article comes to the conclusion (granted this is our particular takeaway from the article) that Joomla is a great "starter CMS" and is geared more for designers and those who need to get a simple site up quickly.

By comparison, Drupal has a lot more extensibility behind it, and is great for larger sites that are more feature-rich, or as a platform for building rich web applications. With that said, one contributor mentioned that they often build smaller sites in Drupal so that they can "future-proof" them for growth. That is to say, with Joomla, once you grow outside of its boundaries, you may find yourself handling a costly rewrite or re-implementation. With Drupal, you can start with a simple blog but later grow and expand the web site.

Redfin's contributions included our thought that Acquia's presence in the Drupal game has secured (read: "put at ease") the minds of the enterprise-level thinkers. Acquia is there as a "safety net" who can always be a go-to for Drupal work if there's something that's above the heads of the in-house developers, or should all the in-house knowledge suddenly disappear. (Incidentally, Redfin can fill those shoes, too!) But Acquia has really put a big name on the face of this open source project.

We also contributed a piece about the vast number of projects and verticals that we've hit with Drupal projects over the years, precisely because Drupal is so developer-friendly, and has been from the get-go. Five years ago we chose Drupal in its 4.7 days because it was so extensible and developer-friendly. We continue to choose Drupal today for that very same reason.

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Nice article. Thanks for

Nice article. Thanks for posting it.

Nice posting guys!

Nice posting guys!

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Exactly what i was looking

Exactly what i was looking for... thank you so much for sharing!!!

It seems like Drupal is

It seems like Drupal is really taking over but not getting as much publicity as, for example, Wordpress. Sounds like it's only a matter of time...



Thank you for providing a

Thank you for providing a useful post by giving a detailed comparison between Joomla and Drupal. Joomla is always a great start up CMS as compared to Drupal and it was once again proved with the comparisons that you made.