Announcing the CashNET module for Ubercart 6.x

Redfin is pleased to announce the 1.0 release of the uc_cashnet module, a payment processor for Drupal's Ubercart 6.x that integrates with their external payment service, similar to 2Checkout.

Any feedback is welcome at this point, and we'd welcome the opportunity to further develop this module and create a similar module for Drupal Commerce / 7.x.


Hi there, I was very excited

Hi there, I was very excited to see this module for Cashnet payments via Ubercart in Drupal 6. The only problem I've had is the failure of the UC conditional actions for emailing the customer and admin. If I chose a different payment option, the emails get sent. But if I choose the Cashnet option, the emails are not sent. I know few entities use this module, but has anyone else had this issue, and has a solution? Everything else works fine, and the form passes the customer to our page at Cashnet. But we would love the emails to go, too. Thank you so much for creating this payment option for Ubercart.

Hi Wilma! Thanks so much for

Hi Wilma! Thanks so much for the feedback. I have added this as a ticket in our internal tracking. I'm not entirely sure when I'll have the opportunity to take a look, but I hope that we can add this in for you, if it's something we are in fact missing.

i have more detail about what

i have more detail about what is happening. It may have to do with our form on CASHNet. But I'll let you know what I've discovered. First: I did a fresh install and set up the store. Upon submission of cart order, CASHNet reported "An invalid reference type ZZZ_ORDERID has been passed into the system. Please contact the system administrator." If I go into uc_cashnet.module and comment out line 159 ('ref1type1' => 'ZZZ_ORDERID',), the error doesn't happen and we can go on to the CASHNet form. However, upon entering one's payment info, the payment does not get reflected in Ubercart and the cart is not emptied. So the order is perpetually "in checkout" and therefore the conditional actions don't fire (meaning the email responses). I have learned that our CASHNet form uses ref1type1/ref1val1 for different fields. Seems that the order_id is an important piece of data that Ubercart needs... but our CASHNet form doesn't have a place for it. I don't know if you would have any time to reply -- or even care to -- but know that I really love the fact you've created this module and have high hopes on us using it.

Sorry, I forgot to include my

Sorry, I forgot to include my name on the above comment: It's Wilma again. (-:

Wilma, please use our contact

Wilma, please use our contact us page or file an issue/support request against the CashNET module. It will be much easier to talk that way rather than through the blog. :)

We are in the final stages of

We are in the final stages of publishing a new site and are experiencing the same issues. Currently, our site is still behind our University's firewall, so after that is fixed, we will text again and see how that goes. If the problem still exists, I will post an issue on the CashNet Module/Drupal page.

I am also working on a

I am also working on a university Drupal site. I have just sent my message via the contact form. Thank you, Brendon.
Best, Wilma

Just to catch up - the way

Just to catch up - the way that this is set up to work now requires that your CashNET form use ref1type1/ref1val1 for the order ID. With some patches I just pushed (see the -dev once it rolls) it will also use ref2val2 for user email and ref3val3 for user ship-to name (or only one of these if so configured, or none of these if so configured).

Was curious if you will port

Was curious if you will port this module to Drupal 7. Thank you for your time.

I potentially could, although

I potentially could, although the next few weeks are looking a little stretched. I'm curious, are you thinking Ubercart for 7 or Drupal Commerce?

Ubercart at this time, and

Ubercart at this time, and definitely no hurry on your part. Thank you so much.